Eryza Proiect

Who we are

Eryza Proiect is an award-winning architecture office, founded in 2006, located in Satu Mare, Romania, that offers complete design services. Erika Szabo is the design leader, whose talent has led to the appreciation of critics and has brought the office a brand reputation.... READ MORE

Industrial Architecture

Planning and designing the right workplace or storage space solution is much more than maximising pallet capacity. As your residence, it is a crucial part of your business supply chain, why not use Eryza Proiect’s space planning expertise to determine the most operationally efficient and cost effective layout for your construction project?

Residential Architecture

Eryza Proiect prides itself on developing and implementing structural and civil design solutions that are innovative, practical and economic, that achieve our clients objectives, are environmentally sustainable and that comply with all current and relevant Romanian Standards.

Commercial Architecture

In our Commercial Architectural work, it is always our intent to bridge the gap and ensure our clients receive constructible design documents while also working to meet the architectural aspirations of a building's concept.

Eryza Proiect can deliver real results.

Structural Architecture

At Eryza Proiect, we combine technical expertise with big picture thinking to design structures that address a diverse set of demands. We take an integrated approach to structural architecture projects and deliver intelligent, innovative responses that address practical challenges and commercial restraints.

Agricultural construction

Our Building architecture practice focuses primarily in the Industrial and Commercial markets with particular emphasis on industrial Agricultural building construction.

Whether it’s an ‘off the shelf’ design or bespoke build to your exact specifications, our talented and experienced design and build team work with you to ensure you get exactly what you want and need.

Our Services

Eryza proiect works around the client’s budget, strives to exceed expectations, and delivers a conscientious approach to conducting business.

We provide:

Structural Architecture

Civil Architecture

Design and Drafting Services

We differentiate ourselves from other design firms by our willingness to support our clients with all their unique Architectural needs, either by providing “filler” design services to other engineering and design firms, or creating a total building package for our commercial partners. Eryza Proiect will tackle your project with the thoroughness, integrity, and reliability that one would come to expect from a twenty-year business.

  • Structural Analysis Drawings

    Structural analysis relates to ensuring that a building will be able to withstand the stresses that it has been designed for, and structural analysis drawings are a visual representation of how a building is able to withstand these forces and to ensure that a building is constructed etc.

  • Structural Design Services

    Eryza Proiect has a team of experienced professionals available to meet the needs of any company's structural design project. Structural design services available at our firm can be used by a variety of different professionals, including residential and commercial developers, designers, architects, and engineers.

  • Structural Drafting Services

    At Eryza Proiect , we have decades of experience in structural drafting. We know how important it is to have precise, accurate structural information, and our structural drafting professionals are skilled enough to relay information to architects and contractors. Eryza Proiect specializes in 2D structural drafting to help you communicate your building vision.

  • Structural Architectural Services

    At Eryza Proiect, we understand the importance of employing the help of a firm that specializes in architectural services to get your project done in budget and on time, while still creating a quality finished product.

  • Structural Foundation Design Services

    Structural foundations must be designed to comply with standards, but also to withstand variables that are specific to the location that construction is to take place. Everything from the type of soil to the groundwater present in the location can affect the design of a foundation, so it is important to employ a architecture firm that is skilled in structural foundation design services.

  • Modular Buildings

    In many cases, modular buildings offer significant advantages compared to conventional buildings. Modular buildings demand shorter construction time, they enable much more flexibility, they reduce site disruption, they are less costly and they can be used for many specific purposes. The many benefits of modular buildings have resulted in widespread acceptance of modular construction as a better alternative to conventional construction.

  • Beam Design Services

    Beam design selection isn't an easy task, and it's necessary to employ a team of skilled professionals in building design and architecture, to make sure that your structure will be built correctly. Eryza Proiect offers beam design services so you can feel confident in the beam design for your project.

  • Frame Design Services

    Eryza Proiect has decades of experience with frame design services. The complexity of structural frames, involving beams, columns, spandrels, trusses, and girders, requires skill and expertise during the design stage. Our firm employs only the most skilled professionals with a solid academic background and practical experience, so you can trust us with your frame design project.

  • Rebar Concrete Beam Design Services

    If your structural design project needs rebar concrete beam design, employing the assistance of an experienced architecture firm is a must. There are many choices in design and construction materials when it comes to rebar concrete beams

  • Shop Drawings

    Structural engineers at Eryza Proiect can complete a variety of shop drawings for your structural engineering project. mploying our firm will give you the benefit of over 40 years of experience and access to our skilled team of professionals. Eryza Proiect knows how to help you cut expenses by creating detailed shop drawings for you to look over before moving forward with a project..